मेनपट Mainpat

मेनपट Mainpat

Travel Postcard

आम हिलस्टेशनों पर पर्यटकों की भीड-भाड से दूर, साफ हवा, साल के घने जंगल और झरनों का मजा लेना हो तो एक बार मेनपट जरूर जाइए। मेनपट को छत्तीसगढ में छोटा शिमला के नाम से भी जाना जाता है। 1100 मीटर की ऊंचाई पर छत्तीसगढ के सरगुजा जिले में एक ऊंचे पठार पर बसा है मेनपट। मेनपट की सबसे बडी खासियत है यहां तिब्बती बस्ती का होना। 1960 के आसपास भारत आए तिब्बती लोगों में से काफी लोगों को यहां भी बसाया गया। तिब्बती संस्कृति की झलक पाने के लिए भी यह अनूठी जगह है।


Mainpat, small hill station in Chattisgarh is a perfect place to escape from all the hustle bustle and chaos of city. Mainpat’s beauty is so far untouched and has numerous cultural and natural sites to satisfy one’s inner need of calmness. For its picturesque hill slopes, Jungles and waterfall, it is also called as “MINI SHIMLA OF CHATTISGARH”.
Mainpat is on a Plateau with the area surrounded by mainly Sal jungles. We all know about the large Tibetan Settlement in Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh, but Mainpat too has a Tibetan Settlement that not many of us know about. Indian Government as settled many Tibetan Refugee’s here in 1960s that gave this place another nickname – “MINI TIBET”. There are 7 settlements with Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in most of the Camps.
Mainpat also has many beautiful waterfalls like Tiger Point and Fish Point. Tiger Point remains one of the most attractive waterfalls which is situated near the Tibetan Camp number six and is a perfect place for relaxation. Fish Falls too is a wonderful place to see and enjoy. This waterfall has got its name from a kind of a fish which was found here.

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